The Mirror Never Lies: A Story by Aaradhana Agarwal

As a homemaker, she hardly has time to stand in front of a mirror and look at herself. Her body – clock wakes her up at dawn. Brewing a cup of tea for herself, cutting vegetables, kneading the flour, and then sipping her tea are the fixed activities she has been doing mechanically for several years. She doesn’t have time to enjoy her hot tea, so she finishes it quickly. The clock strikes six, and demands of her family members with raised voices are heard by her in the kitchen.

She is an engineer but her professional degree is of no use because she has been married to a joint family where she has many duties to perform. Her priority should be her family, not her career. She has witnessed her mother’s life who also has sacrificed her career to raise the children. She has no regret for this because it is better to invest time in the family than to work for the growth of any company. Children’s growth graph matters more than any other graph.
She has a timetable to manage her life. The lessons she has learned during her academic years, she applies them in her day-to-day life. Time passes at jet speed. The three-course meal, other household chores, children’s study, and care of family members till 11 p.m. exhaust her completely. When she retires for the day, she is the longest-hour working lady. A Mirror is not meant for her because she has not allotted any minute for the care of her own self. She only glares at the clock.

Whenever she visits her mother’s house, she is at ease. She looks at her reflection in the mirror. The mirror never lies. The glow of her confidence, self-belief, and successful control of her life confirms she is never wrong in decision-making. She carefully analyses her present status and makes strategies for the future. Her life is well-planned. While playing the role of a homemaker, she consistently inculcates values in her children, guides them to choose the correct path in their lives, and monitors their every step so that they will never deviate from their chosen path.

She has created a sweet home where Love, Peace, and happiness reside permanently. The use of advanced technology and practice of spirituality, active participation of every family member in family discussions, and upholding family values, tradition, and culture make her home unique. Her creativity, sensitivity, flexibility, wisdom, and practicality are visible in her home.

She is a maker of her own future. She learns new skills, widens her area of knowledge, and prepares herself to become an entrepreneur. An opening of a manufacturing unit is in the pipeline. That is the time when she will serve the nation too. Certainly, the support and care for the family will be returned to her in multiples when she begins her journey as an entrepreneur.