Some Stories Are Incomplete But Beautiful: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

As complaisant childhood mates they grew up together
Swearing to be constant companions forever and ever
Their friendship was like the stars that twinkle and glow
Like the rills that so gently flow
Their thoughts and feelings, to each other they’d confide
In their innocent in-depth conversation, they had nothing to hide.
As years rolled by, their friendship was transformed into love so passionate
The colour of their life became a red rose vibrant
Love dances into their hearts smelling strong and sweet
Telling tales of many a spring and summer night
Young lovers promised that they’d be together forever
But as destiny would have it, separation lost the after to their happily ever.
The emptiness was endless, cold as clay
Not their fault, unavoidable barriers stood in their way.
Young love’s ethereal rose drooped on wintry bosom
It’s faded petals no more disclosed the fragrance of the earlier blossoms
The blush was extinct, perhaps would kindle never
Yet the fragrance, but memory’s sigh did breathe of pleasures past forever.
Though incomplete, in the canyons of their hearts their beautiful love stories lingered on
With its lilting melodies breathing of pleasure they did adorn.