The Magical Aurora Borealis: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

Earth is an enigmatic ramp, and nature is an impressive showstopper.
Life is a calm teacher and time a stoic healer.

In comparison to pain, joys are always few.
So sprinkle stardust on your eyes, to enjoy life without any rue.

Leaving everything behind that bothers me, I want to become a soul consumed by wanderlust.
Want to travel through wood, snow, sand, and dust?

I know my bucket list is long, like the days of the summer.
And moments at my disposal are brief, like days of the winter.

Will I be able to visit the high-latitude Scandinavian land?
To see the sky dancing with colors, breathtaking and grand!

Once a lifetime experience, will I gain, I don’t know!
Love to see the magical Aurora Borealis, the northern lights, and the skies’ spectacular show.

Where tiny flashes filled the sky with colorful lights.
An atmospheric phenomenon, undulating colorful waves of purple, red and green light.

That dances across the splendid sky.
Here, I look up at the sky so high!

And pray to the almighty who can read everyone’s mind, the creator of this natural laser show.
That I want to tread on the Scandinavian soil, hushed with snow.

To see his original display of captivating northern lights.
I shall be much obliged, if he would give me a lifetime opportunity, to see his magnificent manifestation at least for one night!