On the Path of Truth: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

He left the palace at midnight, to know the illusionary realm outside.
At that time his wife was carrying his child in her womb inside.

To travel with me in quest of light, to know the causes of misery and throes.
He never looked back at her, didn’t listen to her pleas, and felt her woes.

For the world, he is a great enlightening seer.
But for her, he remains a man, who had left her in tears.

To walk with me and roam.
You don’t have to sacrifice your family and home.

No doubt my path at the time is challenging, and often looks dark.
But in the end, it is all bright and full of shimmering sparks.

And trust me, it is not a journey outside
It is a journey that can set you free from all kinds of fears, a voyage inside.

And if you speak about me, you don’t have to think.
But if you walk with a lie, you have to think.

With a lie, you have to remember every word you spoke.
With me, no need to sacrifice your dream, leave your home or have to wear a cloak or robe.

Just walk on my path, walk with me
Within four walls of your room, you can feel free.