You are Me, I am You: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

It was a tiny bulb, when I looked at it, the other day.

Today it is a full-grown football lily basking in the rays.

I know who is behind or who is the energy behind our orb.

And who sprinkles the silvery nectarine drop!

Which makes our soil fertile, a  peasants smile you are,  the list is endless.

Lovely flora and fauna to friendly earth that bears life with finesse.

I know who you are!

Who supports us like a strong pillar?

I also know those who believe in you, you exist.

As you are unbiased, those who do not believe in you, for them also you exist.

I also know who I am and that I belong to you.

You are me and I am you.

Yet I am different, you respect me as an individual giving me a distinctive identity.

And you never interfere with our activities.

If you had interfered, our life would have been remaining dull and listless.

As you do not interfere, I learn from my follies and I know what is sadness and happiness.

That is why life is always beautiful, with roses and thorns.

Love to call you mystical, as you hide from us about our past life, as you want our present to be happy like chirpy birds of a morn.

Good or bad, what I harvest, you have no role and I shall have to carry the results of my action to my next birth.

I know who you are, you are like an ocean, I am like a tiny boatman in your bosom,  made up of five elements of life, emerge from a mystic full of mirth.