The Lighthouse

In the darkness of that fateful night,

She said the light in the lighthouse was not in sight.

Father ventured into treacherous waters,

For fishing and survival, where dangers never falter.

With Mama and Uncle by his side,

They sailed into the unknown, the uncharted tide.

But they did not navigate towards the guiding beam,

And now their absence haunts her, or so it seems.

But wait, it was all just a dream,

I opened my eyes, reality’s gleam.

Father was there, peacefully sleeping,

Innocence and comfort, his face was keeping.

I glanced at the lighthouse, standing tall,

Thanking God for keeping them connected, above all.

For only He is the true beacon of light,

Guiding and warning, even in the darkest night.

In this sea of stains, where paths are unclear,

His presence shines forth, wiping away fear.

A symbol of power and control, He remains,

With His light representing knowledge, where wisdom reigns.

Oh, lighthouse of life, you guide my way,

In Your radiance, I find solace and stay.

With few emotions and lines, I offer my praise,

To the true lighthouse, Who illuminates our days.

Razi Tahir ✍️

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