The Jungle Cottage

This was my first visit to Kashmir’s land

Heading to Sinthantop, oh the sights so grand

But to my dismay, a huge rush I found

Tourists flood the streets, no rooms to be found

In the evening’s embrace, I searched all around

No room left, not a shelter to be found

Seeking solace, I stumbled upon a local man

His humble voice whispered, to lend a helping hand

“If you’re willing to roam, follow my lead”

In a small village, I found a local man,

His humble words spoke of a gentle plan,

“If you’re willing,” he said, “I’ll be at your disposal,

And said fear not, dear friend, I won’t eat you whole.”

A smile graced his face, sincere and kind,

“I assure you, dear soul, I’m not of alien kind,

Believe me when I say, there’s no need for fright,

I’m but a humble being, in this earthly light

He guided me through the bustling stampede

Away from the crowds, to a hidden retreat

A glimpse of paradise, a secret to keep

Through the valleys we ventured, in twilight’s glow

Mountains towering high, kissed by winter’s snow

In the land of Daksum, where hills rise high,

A tale unfolds, of a guy so kind and spry.

His gentle demeanor, a beguiling art,

His polite request, played upon my heart.

His cottage nestled in those upper heights,

A haven of peace, where nature delights.

With open arms, he welcomed me in,

A hospitality so rare, it touched my very skin.

His family members, warm and full of grace,

Generous and kind, lighting up the place.

Their affectionate smiles, like beams of light,

Made me feel at home, with all my might


Surrounded by nature’s beauty, I am joyfully lost,

In Pambachh and Bateh, the wilderness I’ll exhaust.

Under moonlit skies, I feel like I’m in heaven,

A haven of tranquility where my soul is leavened.

In a place where the signal was weak,

I received a message, one I longed to seek,

It was from my beloved father dear,

Asking if I had arrived, so I made it clear.

“Did u reach?” he asked, full of care,

“Where are u?” his words floated in the air,

I swiftly replied with joy in my tone,

“I’m in a Jungle cottage, a heavenly zone.”

So don’t worry, my dear, for I am in Kashmir,

Under the watchful eye of Dastageer,

Razi Tahir ✍️

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