The Lyrical Cascade: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Drizzle cascades upon my face,
Monsoon dreams begin to embrace.
In reverie, my soul takes flight,
Transcendence, in this tranquil night.

An enigma of nature’s might,
Whispers secrets, hidden from sight.
Epiphany unfolds with each drop,
Contemplation in rain’s gentle swap.

Resonance of thunder, fierce and bold,
A symphony of emotions untold.
Finding solace in nature’s embrace,
Catharsis in rain’s unyielding grace.

Amidst the storm, a moment’s reprieve,
Equanimity, as worries relieve.
Euphoria dances, drenched in delight,
Monsoon dreams ignite, burning bright.

In this celestial downpour’s art,
I find solace and heal my heart.
For in the rain, dreams come alive,
An enchanting world, where spirits thrive.

Oh, monsoon dreams, how you inspire,
Igniting passions, like a fire.
Each raindrop, a tale yet untold,
In the symphony of life, you unfold.

So let us dance, in nature’s trance,
Embracing monsoon’s divine expanse.
For in its touch, we find our release,
Monsoon dreams, our souls find peace.