The Flower You Sent Me: A Poem by Neeti Parti

Petals so bright

Seeking brilliant sunshine

Like gold in shining light

A sunflower resting in velvety greens so fine


Your bouquet to me as we were betrothed

A flower that I had always loved

In a crystal vase it stayed

Bringing a smile to each who upon it gazed


Preserved the seeds for later

Scattered them in the ground in winter

Nurtured by the sun and water

Tiny saplings appeared from the earth, our mother


Nature’s magical gift

My heart and spirits they did lift

Grew they tall and upright

Wondrous flowers sprouted glittering even in moonlight


Squirrels danced around them in happy rhythm

Butterflies alighted upon them with a merry hum

Sunflowers beloved adorned my garden season after season

As my soulmate and I found greater love in our union!