The Faint Redolence of Life


She is a tiny drop with no hues

In her, I see a faint redolence of life as she turns my muse


Just clinging on to life with aplomb

Clinging on to hope sans the monotonous pomp


Till she vanishes forever like a sweet trance

And sank without a trace


But knows to shine in the slippery sands of time

Even if it is for a split second in a numb clime


And then melt in an eternity, needing no endorsement and aid

With no string attached and no barricade


In her ephemeral life, she has nothing to prove and serve

But she knows with transitory life, how to fall in love


And creates lifelong memories in a few verdant hearts with sheer pleasure

And that way she wishes to live through them, with them, and sparkle like a gemstone forever

Mousumee Baruah