Darkness Lurks Beneath Light


The sheen of dawn emits hope by irradiating the earth’s surface

It is then tenacious to discern that mystic darkness awaits in the next phase

To propel life to its ascertained terminal is a jugglery of time and destiny

When you win you are cloaked in canopy of hope

But if you falter all darkness you enrobe


The effeminate power that evokes the light to procreate life

Is often imprecated as preponderance on earth who scales every niche with strive

Radha, whose name is being chanted as  epitome of consecrated love

Lived her days of solitary darkness, a trial so rough


A farmer feeds umpteen mouths and the sound of his toil reverberates

He satiates the hungry stomachs but so often demises in debt

Pole star guides us with its subtle lustre so bright

Plays mystic game with the firmament on every dark peach night


She who shows light to the podium of holy basil every eventide

Finds her life to be sunken in unfathomed darkness

By patriarchs who invalidate all her actions with pride


Why the harbinger of luminescence are being daunted by darkness

When they avouch to infuse light in every life carving all happiness

Light brings the murky shadow trailing where you bask the fuming hope in its contiguity

But can ensure to envisage the satan darkness lurking in vicinity

Indrani Chatterjee