Quartz Skies


The gusting winds with primal raw scream

Had us cowering all night as though a wicked dream


Gunmetal gray of the skies, and fragmented livid cloud

Descended on us like a sepulchral shroud


Midnight howls echoed through the city

The impact of the typhoon hit us with a ferocity!


Rain danced in the streets and whooshed a lot

Uprooting long standing trees to remove the rot


Unleashing a fury, the debris was a ravaging sight

Any mortal heart would flinch with fright!


Pulsing of neon webs in majestic rhythm

Booming thunder across a graphite canvas in tandem


The asphalt was a rain-washed charcoal sheen

The swirl of the cleansing rain was relentless and mean


From the dappled quartz mottled empyrean

Cracked ripples of powder blue from silver-fade ashen


Warmth of the sun glow was stoic with primrose hue

Streaked with tangerine and golden welcoming and true


Brilliance of a prismatic tiara was gifted to us

The raindrops on leaves shimmering like benevolent hearts

Sangeetha Kamath