The ebb and flow of life: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Pensive, I watch the repeating and retreating waves of the briny deep
Wonder, after a fall how they again roar and rise so steep
Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, the waves come and go
Begin and cease and then begin again with tumultuous cadence slow
The rhythm of this oceanic tide reflects in life’s ebb and flow
Ups and downs, highs and lows, life is such a come and go
When it ebbs, troublesome days, life is rough like a stormy sea
With the flow, we are at peace with tranquility and harmony
This intermittency, an ongoing phenomenon, a never-ending rhyme
The ebb and flow- each lasting its period of time
The ocean cast a spell, enriching me with a deeper understanding of life
Embracing the contradictory yet complementary forces is the way to survive
Life, filled with twists and turns, rock the soul and heart
A peacefulness that governs when impediments depart
Pearls come out during the ebbing in the shore
When the soul is shaken, patience is the only cure
Failures keep us humble, trials keep us strong, success keeps us glowing
Happiness keeps us joyous, but it is only faith that keeps us going
Enlightened on life’s story – life’s sadness, life’s glory, effaced are my woes
Crisscrossing arcs of destiny, a divine decree, I waltz in the muse.