Enchanting nights of Arabia: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi


The most effulgent orange, etched upon the skyline
Intoning the eerie silence of the desert, their hustle was fine
The Caravan reached an Oasis, to settle for the night
Tents of canvas opened up, colors all so bright
The little children gathered, outside their huts
While air satiated with fumes of spices, herbs, and nuts
Their Granny would now narrate, recitals of virtues and sins
Desert will hear a tale tonight, of Sultan, Spirits, and Jinns.

And at a distant place, somewhere touching the horizon
Stood the scintillating Castle, witnessing the last ray of sun
Where mighty Sultan today, married the daughter of his Assist
Once deceived in love, he turned into a misogynist
But now the charming Scheherazade was his new bride
An augury for the kingdom, his harshness would now be defied
The story will be narrated, by queen winsome and wise
Desert will hear a tale tonight, to wake up in surprise.

And the two contrary worlds both into mundane routines
Narrations go on for nights, each pearl of wisdom intertwines
The Bedouins go for rest after merriment and scrumptious meal
The King would listen to a new tale as a part of the deal
Enchanting nights of Arabia, and those lit-up dunes of sand
The cool breeze whistles prophesy for the magical land
The scenery was picturesque, as Camels rested in their figmental darn
And the tantalizing twists of the plot kept awake the Sultan.