The Color of Love: A Poem by Srividya Subramanian

How mysterious are the colors of love!
Sometimes black as the unending night sky,
Conceals the imperfections and turns a blind eye
To the false promises of a beautiful world above.

Love is sometimes graceful, suave and pure,
Like a vast, calm blue sea flowing perennially,
Creating ripples of happiness endlessly,
All-encompassing, brings bliss for sure!

How can we forget that love could be green?
In different, enticing, earthly shades of nature.
Turning dark with envy, like an ominous creature,
Or bringing pleasant surprises, like saplings first seen.

Every person paints love in different colors,
Motherly white, lover’s red or a friendly yellow
Which join together to form a beautiful rainbow,
Just seen for minutes but spreading joy forever.