On the Path of Truth: A Poem by Jyoti Prateek

On the path of truth take love as your guide,
With a heart full of empathy let your spirit abide.
For truth without love is harsh and cold,
Like a blinding light, too sharp to behold.

Blend with compassion, truth’s courage and pride,
Pious and steady like a temple lamp’s light
Illuminating the path and invoking devotion in the heart,
For what is true and pure from the start.

A sagacious soul whose heart is aligned
With truth and love, intertwined,
Liberated from constraints, feels at home in the world,
Walks with courage and poise, never feels alone.

Love softens truth and makes it wise,
Together they give you wings, to soar and glide
Across the expanse of this magnificent world,
Filled with illusions and half-true words.

With truth and love as your guiding force,
Navigate the world through an unerring course.
Embrace this journey, with a brave heart and open mind
And serenity with grace, on this path you shall find.