Live your dream: A poem by Khushboo Yadav

Believe in your potential, believe in your ability.
Set your goal and work hard as if your dreams were reality.

Try again and again never give up.
March ahead with faith and you will achieve whatever the goal you have set up.

Never bother your head over what people will say.
Don’t be afraid to encounter risk learn how to be brave.

Life without purpose is meaningless.
You can fulfill your dreams with faith so don’t be hopeless.

Build your confidence to stand up on your own feet.
Without any dream life is aimless and incomplete.

Improve yourself learn from your mistakes.
Dream big goals and win big success.

Whether you fail or succeed you will be a great inspiration for others.
Focus on your dreams don’t look back just move on further.

Dream big and live your dream but don’t escape reality.
Hammer yourself don’t lose yourself into fantasy.

Don’t be afraid of hardships and hurdles.
Be prepared to face all the struggles.