Soul Sister: A Poem by Manisha Amol

The day I witnessed you bud in the pot,
Wished to speak with you my heart out!
Desirous to share the feelings of joy or gloom,
Took every care to see you full bloom.

Longed to be with you every morning,
To express my love and a deep bonding!
Your colorful demeanor towards me leaning,
Expresses your gratitude moreover and smiling.

Your happiness is so refreshingly breathtaking;
When the butterflies hover on you dancing,
At times a playful honey bee nectar sucking,
You even welcome the annoying bees buzzing!

I find an unseen connection with our souls,
An expression of love a beautiful red rose.
My best buddy and a resilient bestie,
The unconditional love that you bestow on me!

You wipe off my worries an adorable companion,
Gazing at you creates a sense of compassion.
To share my thoughts with you  is a welcome treat,
A unique soul sister that no one could be!