Soul Sister: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Having lost my parents, my grievous, lonesome life became so pale
Simple gust of wind could knock me down like a gale
There were many around trying to offer me solace
But none could connect to my soul, none trustworthy to face
Suddenly you appeared like an angel stretching out your helping hand
Cheered me up with genuine feelings, each other we could understand
A beautiful soul, you had your own way of dealing with life
An inspiration, your smile held the power to chase away my strife
From strangers, we became friends, that matured into being soul sisters
We became a pair, one mind and soul, shining like the twin stars
The sunshine of my life , you have an access to my soul
You never judge, only embrace and support, you are my sister sole
Not connected by blood, a time tested kinship, a phenomenal bond we share
Through love ‘n laughter, kindness and compassion, for each other we care
With bright-hued friendship we share this bond transcending time, space and distance
Even when apart, connected by souls, our love is always on the enhance
A vehicle of strength you’re, your simple words always carry the truth
Fortunate I’m to cross your path, my weary heart did soothe
From the blessed power that rolls about – below and above
We’ll frame the measure of our souls, they shall be tuned to love.