Song of Nature: A Poem by Neeti Parti


The gentle zephyr affectionaEtely caressed the cuckoo

Overcome by emotion, the ebony blackbird responded with a melodious ‘kooo-ooo’
‘Witt-witt splee-plink’ sang the fork-tailed barn swallows, as their blue backs shone in sunshine
Infected by melody, ‘chiddik- chiddik’ went the house sparrows continuing to build their nest
‘Hoooah hoo hoo hoo chirry chirry chirry choreeo’ joined in the dove
The mynahs screeched loudly as they took off in pairs to search for scraps
‘Pia ow ey awe’ yowled the peacock loudly
To which the rose-ringed parakeet whistled a sweet warning
The excited cat mewed in response to the multitude of sounds
Annoying the flock of Jungle Babblers who launched into a litany of admonishing harsh chirps
The chameleon nodded in agreement as it turned green within the leafy surrounds
The squirrel scrambled up and down the Gulmohar chattering incessantly in happiness
The metallic blue, purple and maroon sunbird hummed a tune as it fluttered from flower-to-flower sipping nectar
‘Charr charr’ chipped in the Woodpecker as it drummed a tattoo into the teak
Multihued butterflies flapped colorfully as they lighted on inviting blossoms
The red wattled lapwing walked around in a ladylike manner surveying all that was happening
 A toddler heard the live orchestra and gurgled in delight
Prompting her parents to look up from their laptops and laugh at the sight
The gentle zephyr came by again and carried exultation far and wide

Bearing the music of nature on its wings light