Song of Nature: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee


I seek solace in nature when my heart is crushed with grief
A thousand blended philharmonic notes call for comfort and render relief
I watch the birds sing and play, their strain I cannot measure
But the orchestra they’re engaged in is always a thrill of pleasure
With all its merry minstrelsy the voluble, vehement, velvety bees buzz over the grass
Singing rhythmically to each and every blossom they seem to pass
A beautiful butterfly goes winging by, a Cuckoo comes after
Nature from earth to sky, full of dulcet, delightful concord, bubble with laughter
I am allured by the harvest moon that gives an iridescent glow
Churning its melodious lay reflecting onto the pool below
Crickets and cicadas belt out a tune in perfect harmony, as the frogs start their chorus
Those reeds by the pool swaying in the gentle breeze play their part glorious
The germinated seeds, turning into boisterous blossoms, sing songs of salvation
On the jostling stalk, sway with divine rhythm, the purple profusion
It is heaven on earth listening to nature’s soothing, sonorous, sweet sounds
Where every note is in tune and God’s love simply abounds
As I hear nature’s lifting, lively lilt, my mind catches the cadence
My soul soaks in the symphony, the gliding glissando fills me with joyance
This tuneful tempo is the only therapy that I need the most when I feel blue
It lifts up my spirit and surely makes me so cheerful that I pull through.