Eventide: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

O’ at the end of the day ‘eventide’ arrives reaching the peak, 
And sun plays a game of hide and seek,

It’s the time for the sun to take some rest,

So beautiful is the moment of the sunset!

After the whole day’s struggle birds return to their nest,
Some moving towards north, some towards west,

Little buds start closing eyes for a blissful sleep,

Some flora- fauna awake and get ready to peep!

Ringing bells and prayers at religious places,
O’ the home is made pious by sacred worships,

The beautiful site at the sea beaches and shores,

Bathed in azure yellow rays waves dance and adore!


Eventide smiles welcoming gloomy night,

Dreams get ready to board a new flight,

Stars and moon smile at height,

With their shimmer eager to make the whole world bright!


The sky is painted with hues of shades and colors,

Lights on the streets sparkle their shimmer,

O’ it is said eventide is enclosed with the gloom of darkness,
But it also brings moments of joy away from stress.