Solitary Evening: A Poem by Anindita Mazumdar

Riots of colors, etching the wildness,
furor in, unlike hues.
Throughout the horizon, strokes of the rampage,
the charm of sunset sews.
Murky shadows of the engulfed sun while
piercing the eyes to close.
Bygone tales of songbirds hiding
nestles in sheltered rows.

Wayward travelers world uncharted
rising crests to tame.
Daily catch of sailors strain to
repose in the untold name.
Moving silhouettes of hapless soldiers
fancy the eyes so deep.
Time would camouflage all the secrets
and lull the noise to sleep.

Solitary evening bidding farewell
to the sinking, setting sun.
Trail of wobbling, chirping flocks when
fade with the drowsing one.
Bottom of hours feel the lift and
fall with the tides inspite.
Ancient tune of crickets gain and
unfurl the depth of night.