Perks of Being Alone: A Poem by Amrita Mallik

The slanting rays of the setting sun,
Cast long shadows on the ground,
As a welcome lull in the fine opera,
The evening arrives in a stately fashion.

Aglow with bright city lights, yet,
Bidding adieu to the pressures of the day,
Carefully avoiding someone’s intent gaze,
The eventide relishes the serene solitude.

Another lonely heart in me wanders with nature,
Savoring the restful and joyful air, warming the soul,
Leaning into the perks of being alone,
In these few moments of complete freedom.

In this welcome amber glow, slower thoughts arrive,
In this calm stillness, I’m at peace with the world,
The gentle energy of nature wash in,
Absorbing me in the cheerful music of the crickets.

Perfecting Garbo’s approach to elude men and their eyes,
Taking cue from the pleasant sun-soaked, palm-adorned paradise,
I prepare myself for the world of dreams at night,
With the satisfaction from the daylight efforts being made.