Snowflakes: A Poem by Ritu Kamra Kumar

I forge my identity  with snowflakes
Pious and pure, innocent  and innate
Icy draughts soothe me
Suspended on the tree leafs

I wear white robes

I traverse uncharted azure skies 

Perch on tall and titanic  trees 

Mists beckon and hypnotize me

Wrapped in a glittering  white sheet

I rejoice at Mother Nature’s  feat

Snowy castle of an enigma, I meditate to meet my essence eternal 

Colossal  murmuring trees, leaves, and twigs 

Silently  I converse with them, partaking their affection 

In my journey  to the interior, they are my constant companions 

In my effusive being are concealed

Seeds that would sprout

roots that would  grow in spring

Heralding transformation 

A new beginning!