Snowflake: A Poem by Neeti Parti

Cascading softly from the Heavens above
Like silent blessings nestled in a prayer
Each a wondrous crystal formed perfectly by divinity
The trees hold wide their branches for resting space
The earth opens its arms to welcome each flurry flake
A symbol of purity, a harbinger of beatitude
A metaphor for selfless giving, an allegory illustrating magnanimity  
Drawn towards children peeping from windows
Snuggle up on window sills
To form tiny milky mounds
New dawn waits to arrive
Turning pink with excitement
To unveil the season of merriment that will bring unveiled joy
As footprints of younglings
Shall adorn the white carpet to shape fluffy balls
Snowmen with carrot noses and stick arms
Adorned with old hats and mufflers
Will smile in crooked smiles
Laughter unrestrained shall reach up to the blue skies

Empyrean will assign benedictions divine!