Smile: A poem by Nisha Tandon

I question the ways of the divine one above
Was she truly a blessing like the people said?
Am I the fortunate chosen one who needs to safely secure
Her precious smile wherever she shall in future tread?

She is the perfect one blessed to an imperfect me;
Heaven’s Special Child, in his home till now she dwelled.
With a tear in my eye and a tug in my heart
Tenderly I carried her and to my bosom tightly held.

The radiance of her smile that adorns her beautiful face
Is like the million stars that bejewel the darkest of veils;
Her scintillating smile for me is like morning dew;
A Representation of ethereal faeries from fantastical tales.

Her soothing smile touches my bruised soul;
As I hold her it fills my heart with undying hope.
She lies in my arms like a bunch of fragrant lilies
As if angels from heaven descended to my abode.

Every morning as her empathetic eyes meet mine
I gather strength to endure the pain I shall go through.
Her invaluable smile parallels the world’s greatest treasures
And the captivating smile of hers makes me smile too.