Does it matter?: A poem by Pradeep Govind

Does it matter, where you think you belong..if you sleep your nights beside the gun. 
Does it matter, which God you pray..if you can’t pray for everyone. 
What is it that you’re searching’s a short journey from the cradle to the grave.
Are you sure of finding your answer..before you turn the ‘eternal slave’.
Does it matter, that you’ve got a religion..if it won’t get you, your relief. 
Does it matter, that you’ve killed someone..just because he lived by his own belief.
For every one reason you could find to could find many more to love. 
All it takes is the heart of raise the self to the power above. 
Does it matter, the color of your skin.. when the blood beneath is always red.
Does it matter, the name of your long as he provides your daily bread.
Why choose to kill and die, when there’s plenty to share under the same sky. 
‘You’ and ‘me’ are just a state of mind…
when together we could stand for the humankind. 
Your religion, does it matter..when it’s built on hope and love. 
Your God, does it matter..if you’ve found him in your heart somehow. 
Your suffering, does it matter..if it does good to none. 
Your vengeance, does it matter..if it always keeps you on the run. 
Your joy, does it matter..if it brings someone to tears, 
Your victory, does it matter..if it’s built on someone’s fears. 
Does it matter, that we’re born apart..when it’s the same love that exist in all our hearts, 
So let’s embrace this life my friend..does anything else really matter in the end?