Smile: A poem by Heera Nawaz

Which facial expression brings optimum happiness,
and is the key to unlock one’s charming irresistible beauty?
It is no doubt one’s a warm, exuberant and sanguine smile,
And for many professions flaunting it is a priority duty!

Like Mona Lisa Madhuri Dixit and Mother Teresa,
Many have helped to metamorphose the world with their smile,
For smiles have ways of forging liaisons and friendships,
As they build staunch bridges in relationships tile by tile.

A smile is like a feel-good tonic and self-care hormone
that nails the fact that one has a very beautiful soul,
for as the year and months pan themselves onwards,
it is the smile that explicitly and spontaneously makes one whole.

Not only for movie stars but this applies to laypersons too,
A smile is the greatest asset to complement one’s lovely face,
And when storms and debacles arise and the smile disintegrates,
One will never know its innate source and secret hiding place!

Yes, be like the Queen of Hearts who knows it is her asset,
As she beams forth that smile while wearing her gorgeous crown,
Knowing that the people respect revere and love her truly,
Because she always wears that frown absolutely upside-down!