Sleepless night: A poem by Manisha Amol


A tiresome day spent without a wink or rest,
Relaxing my mind while cozying in the bed.
Disturbing thoughts fading away dark night crawling,
Succumbed to the tiredness slept without turning.

“Save!Save!”, a faint sound approaching from afar,
Inaudible trembling voice mouth wide open ajar.
Undulating menacing waves engulfing me tight in its arms,
Desperate to remain afloat but mind losing calm.

Shrieked hard with a gaping mouth with no whimper or sound,
Stretching my arms far and wide no soul to help around.
Gradually losing the faint sight drowning in the sea,
Blacked out, gulping water, gasping hard to breathe.

Shocked and exhausted suddenly woke up from my slumber,
Deepening furrows on my forehead I began to wonder.
Trickling sweat rolling tears all seemed so surreal,
Was it a nightmarish dream or an event so real?

Harrowing winds, ominous clouds and deafening thunder,
Overwhelmed with all of this frenzied sat up to ponder.
Hurriedly looked out of the window such a dreadful sight,
Till the break of the dawn, spent a sleepless night.