Featuring teachers: A poem by Dr. Monica Saxena

Nascent bunch of buds, timid or fragile,
Divine souls, subtle supple but agile,
Like lambs gather around a shepherd
Quite quietly seated, lot loaf around.

Show them  their pastures new to roam,
Fueling grey matter from room or zoom,
Infusing to dream and embark their mark,
Undaunted desires dwell to set benchmarks.

Each kid is custom-designed world to suit,
One surely cannot fits into another boot,
Share the truest trust to manifest knowledge,
Already in them, we’re only to acknowledge.

O life! remembers every child, each character, 
On their mischiefs, heart smiles: face somber,
We recognize their all petty acted old lies,
Knows students flicks, what whisper implies.

Dispel all kinds of doubts either online or offline,
Ignite souls to muster mastery in self-discipline,
Our eyes to view invisible, the heart for humanity,
Ears to lend to the unheard, brain for serene sanity.

Child’s innocent surrendering  thaws hardcore deep,
Implant ethics, impart values- compassion to seep,
Solemn duty is to invigorate, energize and elevate, 
So JOY, pride, and honor to always vividly reflect.