Silken Confetti


July sun brings with it a masterpiece of green and honeyed stalks

Wildflowers in the meadows and satiny clover carpets our walks


Summer is a ballroom which invites all the belles

Like a true love’s kiss, primroses bloom blushing tangerine at the tips


Poppies stand in contrast against the green

A brilliant hue which rivals the summer sun like a diva in velvety sheen


Upon the knolls the daisies sway and waltz to the choir of the zephyr

Rabbits scamper about my feet in all frolic and fervour


Every bloom of aster is a riot of purples and magenta

Petals of silk brush against me like exotic fabrics taffeta


From the rain-drenched mud sprout golden clusters

Buttery blooms of radiant yellows, a muse for poets and songwriters


Meadows are a happy song of spring orchestra

Green waves splattered with polka dots of varicolored plethora


Meandering through these meadows is a blessing, a quiet grace

My summer skirts sweep along the chiffon petals blanketing them with lace


Upon the quilts of clover, I tippy toe

Lucky charms of shamrock I gather, it’s my August mistletoe


Meadows are nature’s trendy graffiti

To bring us cheer with rainbow speckled confetti


Sangeeta Kamath Prabhu