Oncologist – A Soldier in Fight Against Cancer



What is cancer?

A zodiac sign or a crab of childhood?

A project or constellation or northern tropic of teenage?

But finally, a deadly disease in front of an oncologist!


Deadly disease that is standing next to me,

Presenting in various ways, like lump or pain in knee,

You are the cause of so much grief,

Patients start crying while giving their brief.


I have to remain calm and patient while listening,

And I try my best to hide my tears from glistening,

There is so much pain, anemia and difficulty in breathing,

That sometimes it’s even difficult to assure them of healing.


Many a times, I have to explain about the grave prognosis on the very first visit,

And then I counsel them about pros of getting treated,

I explain about the palliative intent,

And to leave everything on the One who is omnipotent.


But some lucky ones who are quite aware and smart,

Visit OPD the instance they feel the start,

Then they are cured completely from their ailment,

And live a healthy life without any stress.


But I must say, patient and attendants are very strong,

They stand like a frail leaf under the storm,

They fight with all their might till the last halt,

And many a times God gifts them with happiness and health!


Dr. Suboohi Jafar

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