The Riverbank: A Poem by Seema Jain

For thousands of years, I have held within my bounds
The flowing waters of the river and its secrets profound
I have witnessed their varied mood swings for centuries
Now merrily meandering now ravaging roaring breaking all boundaries

Settlements coming up around me, civilizations blossoming and decaying,
The saga of human growth and downfall, I have seen it all
Under the whispering trees and their rustling leaves
I have seen love bloom and blossom in the moonlit breeze

There was a time when people came up to me for a leisurely stroll
Or to go riding in a boat away from life’s rigmarole
I extended to all my warm and cordial hospitality
Till the time  there came up the ugly face of man’s  travesty

My bosom littered with empty cans, poly bags and waste hurts me
I am a mute sufferer, nature watching my pain silently

The pandemic raging in recent history rendered my water clear
My own self unpolluted and devoid of any litter
Partially restored  my pristine glory of yesteryears
With the dancing of the peacocks and  gamboling of the dear