Shooting Star: A Poem by Manisha Amol

Lying juxtaposed on the wet grass of joyous time,
Singing to the beaming moon a romantic rhyme,
Dulcet notes permeating in a mellifluous cadence,
Blossoming vernal hues of a fresh bloomed thyme.

Cozy warmth of the beloved spirits soaring high,
Gazing up mesmerizingly at the moonlit sky,
Looking at the shooting star spanning the sky,
Made a wish of togetherness for the rest of the life.

Predicaments of destiny had a different calling,
The string of life got severed even before the bonding,
Left me bereft with emotions sadly crying and wailing,
Unacceptable emptiness devoid of all feelings.

This time lying on the rough stone bench alone,
Searching eyes for the broken star wallowing in low,
Water droplets rolling down from the infinite expanse,
Meditative mind focusing on the predestined ill plan.

Boisterous thoughts running wild and infinite,
Wistful yearning staring blank far and wide,
With a remorseful heart and a heartfelt wish forever,
Rest in Peace! O you are my only beloved dear!