The Morning Mist: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Over the landscape slithered tendrils of the morning mist
I ambled through it before the earth was sun-kissed
There was magic ‘n mystery in the chilly air
For suddenly I beheld her, in a misty shape, standing there
Amidst the blank blackness, she blossomed like a rose
My vision was obscured as the wall of mist did interpose
But for a few seconds, the mist did part
I saw her smiling face when her silver veil she   cast
From the softening silhouetted edge
She brightened  like a blushing damsel emerging through the haze
Like the mist, she came into my life, surrounded me in her arms
I closed my eyes, awestruck and lost in her siren charms
When I opened my eyes, like the scented breeze she vanished
Slowly I returned to my senses, that so long was banished
The cold fog gripped my heart, the cold mist strangled me
Impalpable ‘ n impervious like the morning mist, why had she to be?
Suddenly came the rain singing many a haunting strain of joy and dole
A feeling of sadness and longing engulfed my soul
Half- veiled elusive scene drifted on my consciousness, was it a figment of my imagination
Or, was it surreal, an illusion that left me in a mist of confusion?