Cosmic Mist: A Poem by Anjana Prasad


The velvety night wraps itself in the starry blanket bidding adieu
Paving the way for the cold morning, bright
Soaking in the universe in the mist of passion deep

Morning mists silvery, shiny and graceful from welkin to the earth.
Kisses the hills n’ verdant green meadows on the countryside
Romancing with the virgin buds and the flowers quenching their thirst.

When the city is shrouded in the languid slumber,
The sprayed water droplets from Paradise
Basks the conscious in peace 
Away from the constrained and stressful, monotonous routine.

I lazily peep out of my window, venting away a deep breath.
Holding on to the precious moments of heavenly love.
Gazing in awe, admiring the morning mist in its cosmic play.

These mists shall play hide and seek on windows sills
 Until the sun rouses, overflowing with desires 
To wrap them in its sunny armor.