She was my teacher: A poem by Indrani Chatterjee

She was like undeterred pristine arbor, 
Whose goliath shade was my indubitable harbor. 
I crept into the light for she was my torchbearer

And her cryptic maneuvering of life enriched me with all power. 

The pliable feel of her fringe sentineled my reflective sky, 
She spawned in me the norms of life, that shall never die. 
She wielded me to be a human and convivial being, 
Attaining intimate aspirations,  should not be my only dream. 

She draped me with the solidarity of clemency and tradition
So as to pursue the rooted lineage and indigenous pattern. 
She nurtured renunciation to intromit peace and poise in the domestic hearth, 
The warmth of her aura and self-complacency vanquished all homy dearth.