Little teacher: A poem by Amrita Mallik

Little creatures of nature impart big lessons
The gargantuan and mighty may take the limelight
Be it the sun and the moon or the man,
Yet, the puny frames are exemplars too
Teaching life’s biggest lessons in the simplest ways!
I observe the ants marching with sugar granules
How these natural self-starters put a man to shame!
When I befriend a caterpillar on my way
It surprises me with its enormous wisdom
Of constant and incremental evolution.
The bees, snails or earthworms splash colossal colors
But, only when we pause, bend down, and observe
We can discern their exceptional zeal and strength!
How can I even forget a child younger to me?
He’s winning the world with his innocence and simplicity.
Age often fails to teach the right attitude to living
Look at these tiny creatures, apparently insignificant
Yet practicing what they preach in their ways!
O! Men of the world! Mock not these minuscule beings

But, humbly learn a lesson one or two from them!