Marine Chronicles: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath

The sun-warmed beach with its rising gold and ocean brine

Is a treasure trove of shiny pebbles, sea shells and creatures marine

The soft songs of the waves and whooshing breeze, the sunset on the horizon

Are the colors of my twilight dreams

Like a diva and a star she comes gliding and dancing along

A remnant of an Armada or a victorious mast of a Galleon

A story it yearns to tell me of withered youth and lost love forlorn

Bleached and blanched paler than the sand, almost a grubby brown

Of all the kingdoms it had conquered and reigned over a flourishing town

Baked and softened to a million hues of beige and sepia

I turn it over in my hand, this driftwood is full of history, travels, and nostalgia

A work of art, a sculpture shaped by the eddies and tides of the sea

The grooves and the smooth surface are a masterpiece that i want to take along with me

It sits on my mantlepiece reclined like an emperor on his throne in all his glory

Surrounded by miniature porcelain dolphins and crystalline mermaids to exalt its charm extraordinarily

I cradle it in my palms like i would a newborn bairn

When it whispers to me the songs of the seas, the stars, and the majestic Blue Whales

It hums, it clenches secrets, it has many chronicles to tell—a fact, a truth or a fairytale…

A reminder of an era gone by cautioning me every day to slow down

Find joy in little things for life is fragile and frail.