Secrets of the Heart: A Poem by Sheela S.Iyer

Though I was in love and wanted to confess
My heart refused to concur with the brain and made a ruckus.
My brain and heart were constantly at wars,
Secrets that my heart kept, the brain would spill it all.

Somehow gathered courage and poured my feelings,
In a letter, all that my heart was concealing.
I then tucked the letter in my purse, sealed with a kiss
To give this to my love, in person I wished. 

I lay on the bed that night, tossing and turning,
Until I could see the sun burning.
I convinced my heart to confess
My heart ultimately said a big yes. 

Dressed in my favourite blue, I stepped out
My heart raced again raising, doubt.
Surrender your fear I, told my dear heart,
Embrace love and a beautiful new start.

My brain and heart joined hands finally,
It wasn’t a dream, but, was happening actually.
The secret of my heart is out and revealed

Our lips came close and got softly sealed.