A Secret so Sacred: A Poem by Neha Gupta

Like the perpetual depth of the ocean
Like the colossal of the cosmos interwoven
My heart contains syllables unuttered
Secrets resting there under the opaque cover
With every breath that I take, it is getting buried
Deeper and deeper merging with my soul
Your name is something I recite every moment
But make sure it remains behind my sealed lips
Like the dried petals of a rose in my book
You remain in every corner and nook
Of my throbbing heart spreading your fragrance
Bringing more life to me with your mere presence
The moments that I created with you
Make my heartbeat and your velvety voice
When it echoes in my heart, feels so holy and virtuous
Yet from the eyes of the world, it has to be kept veiled

It is in the silence of that secret
We meet each other, laugh, and cry together
Rollback the memories to catch a glimpse of the past

You are my part and live with me in the secrets of my heart!