Save the last dance for me: A poem by Grace Sitharaman

Oh! Deva, Oh! Siva,
Oh! Creator, Oh! Destroyer,
From the ocean floor,
To the heaven’s above,
You stomp, you dance,
You beckon man,
To not write their name on the sand! 
You the Lord, you the InfiniAsLte,
You are the expanse, 
you are abundance,
You play in my thoughts,
I fail you, I fail to rise! 
Oh! Your energies converge,
they diverge, they deflect,
when I wish to embody your
infinite piece
I dance the cosmic dance,
I reflect you! I collect my
Joys, fears, lusts, learnings,
Earthquake, Pain, eruption,
I am caught in  between,
Aligning myself to your hum,
Preparing for the cosmic dance
 Oh Lord, this time you and me!