Cosmic Dance: A poem by Jellie N.Wyckelsma

We know the Universe is in perpetual motion;
A place where creation and destruction go hand in hand.
Where new stars are born every day, while others die;
Exploding, never to be seen again.
Big Bangs and Black Holes also baffle us now and then.
Were it not for the incredible vastness of the Universe,
We would be derived of many disciplines;
Contemplating the Cosmos and its very nature,
Or the reason for its existence at all, one could say,
Theorising it the scientific, religious and philosophical way.
Throughout the ages wise men juggled with those theories,
Claiming they have the only valid explanation of
The how and why, by inventing gods and super human beings,
Who persuade their followers, as if in a trance,
To participate in a true and only Cosmic Dance.
Will we ever discover the real truth about the Cosmos,
By accepting a religious, scientific or philosophical explanation,
Or can we believe in one Creative Force, leaving the mysterious 
And magical Universe, simply to our own imagination?