Friendship Tree: A poem by Subhashchandra B. Adhav

Friendship is an awesome tree
Travellers we, enjoy its fruits absolutely free
Love is an amazing divine seed
In life’s journey, it’s the dire need
Underneath concealed emotions, spread of assuring kind roots
Promise they assertively future sweet fruits
Mutual trust is the caring stem
Lending staunch support is its aim
If we nourish it with affectionate manure
Its continuous marvellous growth is for sure
Be you be old, young or teenage
Always bears it fresh twigs and foliage
Branches having heartfelt relations and their awesome spread
Bear they bloomed delicate flowers, they never fade
When on branches, take shelter, other friendly birds
The tree expands its loveable world
Amiable visiting birds make the melodious tweet
All friends are gifted with fruits sweet
Cool upright shade, under its thick loyal canopy
Such an outstanding, faithful tree makes all happy