Remembering you: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Like complete strangers, we met today, just by chance
We were too chastened to even steal a glance 
As we sat in eerie silence for hours that never seemed to end
Each other’s unspoken words we could still comprehend 

We may have drifted apart in directions unknown
The distances between us may have intermittently grown
Cherished feelings reversed with the passage of time 
Your insatiable desires may have ebbed alas! so did mine 

Yet this did not take away all that we in the past shared
We have worried for each other and we deeply cared
It was sheer inevitability or God’s will perhaps 
That creeped between us some unbridgeable gaps

Today, I’m fighting life’s copious battles and so are you
My heart whispers,”Can’t you hold my hand and see me through?”
Afraid and dubious to speak these quivering words aloud 
But wishing silently to fulfill what we had to each other vowed 

Our inescapable destiny may have set us miles apart
But every moment you were beating robustly in my heart 
Faded photos in my album and forgotten letters are a proof so true 
Not a single day I survived without remembering you