Earth: A poem by Vandana Saxena

In Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy,
rotates on its axis, the eternal Blue Beauty!
Creating the infinite days and night,
revolving to seasons in the deadliest plight !!
Selflessly consenting life to respire,
for ones who destruct and those who aspire,
to dig through the trench to her deepest core,
to placate the ravenousness of gliding soar!
Charred in Sun and enlightened in Moon,
allowed the legacy to be harvested by goons!
Weary of fighting an endless brawl
protected her being by baring it all
From sombre pleadings to roars aloud,
beneath Mariana and beyond the clouds!
Save the blue, and save the greens,
save those yellows and browns serene
Or you will only be left in hand,
a lifeless, scorched, barren land!
With only the sorrows and sheer dearth,
Wake up now, “Save the Earth”