Fairy Tale: A poem by Grace Sitharaman

Where is the fairy,
show me one,
They fly no more
under the polluted
painful sun! 
Call them back
with their magic spells
when not again,
a girl screams,
from down below
a dark well! 
Let fairies be real
not just a tale to tell
let them appear when
they hear the death knell. 
When women are torn
apart and girls charred,
Be there! for women in 
Walk not in fancy gowns,
when humans need an
urgent repair. 
Fairy O Fairy! O fairy my love,
Bestow sanity on human,
the ability to love. 
Bring upon us the wave
of gratitude, 
Re coop us from the panacea of social evils. 
Release the stigma from the hurt,
make us humans,
once again from the start! 
We wait for your arrival
on that magic cart,
Let there be no perpetrators 
and victims,
A true fairy tale ender
‘ for they lived happily ever after!’