Remembering you: A poem by Anindita Mazumdar

Ochre tinge of withered leaves when
smears with sand and dust.
Softest rustle of endless music
perish with wintry gust.
Winter arrives by beating the drum,
while Autumn smiles an adieu.
My heart seems to drift apart,
always remembering you.
Morosed sunshine welcomes back,
the memories that were lost.
Gently kisses the lonely lass
and leaves her all engrossed.
Silent tears mingle slowly,
along with drops of dew.
Pensive murmur of withered leaves,
touch by remembering you.
Days when roll to speechless nights,
solitude swamps with tides.
Sonorous lullaby of the crickets,
tries to act as guides.
Guides to act for pleasing memoirs
dipped in radiant hue.
Left behind, but way to find,
thoroughly remembering you.
Nights when providing with every pleasure
to lull with all it’s past.
Is it pleasure or hordes of pain?
That holds with tears and lust?
Your vibrant presence even in the absence
is eternal and not just new.
Love you ever, my treasured beau,
shamelessly remembering you.