Reach for the stars: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

She grew up listening to Twinkle Twinkle little stars
And kept wondering what they are
Till the day world beckoned her to reach for one
Heard people call out “Go, get up …reach for the stars”

Tragedy is not, in not reaching the goals 
Tragedy is in not having goals to reach 
Courage on your side and will power to back
Defying all norms …Go, get up ….reach for the stars!

Life is never as you wish it to be -simple and easy
Strewn with thorns, roads are narrow and bumpy 
Try relentlessly- “Effort” is the only tool you are equipped with
You owe it to yourself ….Go , get up ….reach for the stars!

Dream a dream and dress it up in bright colourful attire
Let it smile like a beautiful rainbow across the sky
Create your own celestial world of Sun, Moon, Stars
Make your dream come true…….Go, get up…… reach for the stars!

There is no ladder that will take you up to the stars
your “never say die spirit” will take you thus far
Don’t be bogged down by the weight of criticism 
Fall you may……..yet……..Go, get up ……..reach for the star!

Be courageous to loose sight of the earth in your pursuit of star
Never forget that once you wondered how they were
You are the brightest star my child !show it to the world
You have it in you …..Go, get up,……..reach for the stars!